New Cary DMS 700

 I have the 600 and it is a great piece. 

The 700 looks to be on the next level. Ladder dac
My ssd’s are 1 TB so looks like that is no problem.

My thinking on the 5G is that if I have no ethernet cables etc that there is no way to introduce additional noise (and $ to me upgrading everything). My 5G router from verizon gives me north of 100 Mbps so if the Cary antenna can pull that in reliably all should be good. Will have to experiment and see.

Has anyone played with the upsampling yet?
let us know how the fuses go.
Upgraded to DMS-700 from DMS-600. Breaking in now. Liking that Pure Audio Mode works for both 2V and 3V max outputs as I am using 2V to my BHK Signature Preamp. Fingers crossed for Roon certification soon. Using Tidal or 1TB external SSD Drive until then. Benzman you are planning to open up the unit to replace the fuse then? - I noticed there is no fuse holder by the power supply.
Congrats on the upgrade. I am going start at 2.0 V when mine arrives tomorrow as my pre has a lot of gain already. Will provide additional thoughts once I break in. Looking forward to the fire up of the 700. It should be a significant upgrade for me as I have been streaming through an Astell&Kern portable.
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Thanks Benzman. I see now it says in the manual that the Fuse is not user serviceable. Hopefully it doesn't void the warranty if you replace it. I'm interested to know if you hear an improvement!