New Cary DMS 700

 I have the 600 and it is a great piece. 

The 700 looks to be on the next level. Ladder dac
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Thanks Benzman. I see now it says in the manual that the Fuse is not user serviceable. Hopefully it doesn't void the warranty if you replace it. I'm interested to know if you hear an improvement!
Thanks jmbumgarner01. At the 2V setting my BHK Preamp volume is often set to between 15dB and 20dB of signal attenuation (i.e a vol of 40-50) .. and thats with my amps set at their lower 23dB gain setting. But 3V is only 3.5dB more than 2V so I will try that too at some point.
What’s kinda cool with the Cary,if the remote talks with any of the other equipment ( as mine did with the Rogue RP 7) their is a second remote code. 
I have been running the unit continuously since Friday ~40 hours. Sounded excellent right out of the box but continuing to improve. Streaming Tidal through 5G and using my flac files on ssd. I have excellent 5G reception. This piece does so many things right. Soundstage is very wide and deep, On Ron Carters Foursight Complete Stockholm Tapes it recreates a live concert experience. 
Upper octave Violins and vocals are smooth and airy. Cymbal clash and decay is solid also if maybe slightly less than my vinyl rig. No digital harshness which is sweet. It did freeze up once will running over night and had to be reset.

 Agree with prior comments that while improving substandard cd source material it helps them but is not a miracle worker. I have not heard the Lumin’s but like benz I suspect that in my system this is a better match as my Magnepan’s and Thiel’s  are already very detailed. 
I have not done much A/B with my vinyl rig or tried hard wired ethernet yet since I have been so happy with what I am hearing thus far. Plan on that over next few days.