NEW Cerious Technologies Upgrade - Graphene Matrix Cables

CT Graphene Matrix Cables:

I have been using the CT GE cables for almost two years.
I recently traded up for a full loom of CT Graphene Matrix cables, including speaker, interconnect and PCs, and I wanted to share my experience. I started by replacing only the ICs to try and hear the differences.

The new Matrix interconnects sounded better than the GE immediately after install. I found the original Graphene Extreme ICs to be good but not on the same level as the outstanding GE speaker cables. As break-in started to clear things up, I can hear more clarity and detail not heard before. The ICs are incredible on their own and at the 30 hour mark, I can hear a clear superiority over the GE ICs. I recently started using the Teo Game Changer ICs and preferred them over GE but the Teo has now fallen to the new Graphene Matrix ICs. My Teo’s were and are great, and it is stunning to experience Cerious Technologies commitment to making great technology better.

On the third day of listening to the GM ICs. I couldn’t wait anymore, Having too much fun. I then installed the speaker cables and power cords once I had a pretty good feel for the sound of the GM ICs.

With the full loom of GM cables running in they are going through some strange changes and definitely need time to settle down before realizing what they can really do and very important Bob says to not move them. Since I have a home office I can let them run in all day. I’m at around 120 hours now and they are still improving. Here’s what I’m hearing:

Extended highs and tighter lows.
More detail and better low level listening
Drums are tighter, more clearly defined. So real is the snap of the snare drum. The bass has more depth, seemingly goes deeper, lower. This aspect stands out the most.

I am not in the industry, I’m not an engineer, I don’t work for Cerious Technologies, but I am a fan of the cables and am enjoying what my system is capable of.

I’m closer to my own pinnacle of sound reproduction than ever before.


Since we don't know the name of the chinese connectors you use... I will officially name them Grostborg?
That’s funny Bob you mention that some of the knock off connectors are being made better than other name brands. When I received the set of Furutech NCF’s and started to terminate them my first thought was how much cheaper they felt in my hand compared to the Chinese knock off FI-50’s I’ve been using that someone here shared (I believe it was lak).

The knock offs seem easier to work with as well. To me these cheap versions are on par with the standard Furutech FI-50’s whereas the NCF’s are clearly superior sounding with their nano crystal formula being the difference but for $500 to $700 more depending on where you get them.
It's amazing how much connectors can affect the sonics.  I've even been amazed at the difference between gold, silver, and rhodium connectors.  So I'm sure it's a balance of finding connectors that provide great sound, as well as reliability and cost.  I'm glad that Bob, who has lots of experience and does this every day, is figuring out this balance and complimenting his cable in the best way possible for us. 

I have found  off-brand Indonesian safety pin connectors provide best synergy in my system. Of course, YMMV
Would have liked to change my matrix PC connectors but slightly put off by the issues genjamon experienced due to the cable strain. Has anyone changed the matrix connectors with success?