New Class D amplifiers

Hello. I'm very interested in getting your opinion on the newer Class D amplifiers.  There has been a couple of very positive reviews (by Guttenberg) of the Bel Canto C6i and NAD M23.  These, and perhaps some others are offering new technology that significantly lower the class D noise level and other drawbacks.    

I currently use a Class A amp, Pass Labs INT-25 (with Dynaudio Heritage Special speakers) which has a wonderful sound. But I am transitioning to another location, and due to using Roon primarily I find that this system stays on most of the day.  Due to heat and power usage of Class A amplifiers, I'm interested in translating to Class D if I find something comparable.


A hidden gem to perhaps convert the close the class a heaters sonic gap.

I have both an LSA Voyager GaN 350 (dual mono) and EVS 1200 based on dual IcePower 1200 AS1 modules. I was using the EVS with Ali-Express Nordost Odin 2 speaker cables and Odin 2 XLRs, plus Odin 2 coax, and while exceptional, my system has terrific detail, but lacked a rich dollop of warmth. Since these cables are super inexpensive, I replaced the XLRs with Odin Gold, which helped, so I wanted to change out the coax too, but couldn't locate it, so instead, I bought Odin Gold speaker cables, for a mere $128/3m pair!!! These provide a much better sonic match (warmer rounder without sacrificing any details that the Odin 2 provides.


I appreciate all the suggestions and i'll be looking into each one!  I do favor  integrated options since I prefer not to get into a preamp as well. but the mono block options are very good.  i wish Atma Sphere had a class d integrated now which i think is being developed.    

I have been using an Arion S-500 class D amp for almost 4 years and couldn't be happier.  Designer Mike Kallelis really did a fine job on this design.  Very clean, neutral, extended at both ends, and never has any digital nasties.  Plenty of juice for my speakers, which love the high wattage.  And very reasonably priced, too!  

I have AGD Audions and Atma-Sphere Class D.

Both are excellent. Among the best ever.

The AGD are more tube-like and the Atmas are more dynamic and transparent.