New Class D amplifiers

Hello. I'm very interested in getting your opinion on the newer Class D amplifiers.  There has been a couple of very positive reviews (by Guttenberg) of the Bel Canto C6i and NAD M23.  These, and perhaps some others are offering new technology that significantly lower the class D noise level and other drawbacks.    

I currently use a Class A amp, Pass Labs INT-25 (with Dynaudio Heritage Special speakers) which has a wonderful sound. But I am transitioning to another location, and due to using Roon primarily I find that this system stays on most of the day.  Due to heat and power usage of Class A amplifiers, I'm interested in translating to Class D if I find something comparable.


I am currently waiting for a LSA Discovery Warp One to arrive.  It is going in a secondary system.

For TAS to like an item at that price point ($1200) I think it will be a good test for my first Class D experience.  I am pairing it with an Audio GD preamp.

@grantgg I second the idea of joining the Orchard Audio Starkrimson Stereo Ultra amp tour, mentioned above by shkong78. It was an ear opener. I immediately ordered the upgraded Ultra Stereo dual power supply model with extra capacitance. Improved imaging, transients, and realism are the results. 

I'm used to VTL ST150 and diy Pass Son of Zen class A amps. Always thought amps had to get hot to sound good. Not any more. Give one a try.



One of the best amps on the market, although it's a true FDA (full digital driven PWM), so not "exactly" a "class D" (which is analog driven PWM) :