New Class D amplifiers

Hello. I'm very interested in getting your opinion on the newer Class D amplifiers.  There has been a couple of very positive reviews (by Guttenberg) of the Bel Canto C6i and NAD M23.  These, and perhaps some others are offering new technology that significantly lower the class D noise level and other drawbacks.    

I currently use a Class A amp, Pass Labs INT-25 (with Dynaudio Heritage Special speakers) which has a wonderful sound. But I am transitioning to another location, and due to using Roon primarily I find that this system stays on most of the day.  Due to heat and power usage of Class A amplifiers, I'm interested in translating to Class D if I find something comparable.


Orchard's class d ganfet amp is the real deal- read the review in audio express. It uses post filter feedback and has a frequency response that is load invariant, meaning it doesn't change character with a speaker's varying impedance. Most well designed class d amps will be load invariant. Not so for many of those using the gan module used in the peachtree and lsa gan amps. Be careful with those as they might sound fine with speakers with a tame impedance equal to the design point but anything that varies wildly and doesn't sit nicely at the design point impedance will change character.

The best performing class d is currently coming from Hypex and Purifi. VTV, Buckeye, March, and others are selling amps at unbelievable pricing using these amp modules.

FWIW, a friend brought over his two class D amps (Peachtree stereo and Atma monos) to compare to my two class A amps (Reference Line Silver and modded Plinius SA103). The class A was better in virtually every way. He was disappointed and sold his amps. I was also disappointed because I like the idea of a light amp that uses little power, and was willing to switch if it sounded as good. But the trade-off is too great for me--and for him. He also has the 25-watt Pass class A. Nice thing about the Plinius is that it idles in A/B and you can switch to A when you want to listen.

Digital Amplifier Company made some great class D gear. It's a shame Tommy isn't around any longer. I loved the Cherry amps I had. I haven't seen anyone mention D-Sonic and I am curious why. I like the D-sonic amps I have heard with a Tube stage in front of them. Are D-Sonic amps behind the times or where do they stack up on the Class D ladder?

I have owned the Cherry amps (both the stereo and the monoblocks) and the Atma-Sphere monoblocks - I thought both were outstanding Class D amps. I now own a D-Sonic stereo amp which IMO rivals both of the above. The Cherrys are gone for obvious reasons and I sold the Atma-Spheres once I heard the D-Sonics which are about half the price. I can't say the D-Sonics were better, but to me they sounded as good and at half the price they were a much better value in my system

Having owned the 2Cherry, which at the time sounded better than a number of other amps I had owned/auditioned...I would say that the Starkcrimison Stereo Ultra improves upon the 2Cherry in that it has both a more detailed and a more powerful low end.

At the end of the day, all we can do as enthusiasts is try products that seem to be getting a good buzz and see if they are compelling in our own systems...and then if so, decide whether to make a change.