New Class D amplifiers

Hello. I'm very interested in getting your opinion on the newer Class D amplifiers.  There has been a couple of very positive reviews (by Guttenberg) of the Bel Canto C6i and NAD M23.  These, and perhaps some others are offering new technology that significantly lower the class D noise level and other drawbacks.    

I currently use a Class A amp, Pass Labs INT-25 (with Dynaudio Heritage Special speakers) which has a wonderful sound. But I am transitioning to another location, and due to using Roon primarily I find that this system stays on most of the day.  Due to heat and power usage of Class A amplifiers, I'm interested in translating to Class D if I find something comparable.


In Conclusion!  I have gotten an Orchard audio Starkrimson Stereo Ultra.  I've been very happy with this amp, and will not try to repeat the positive reviews it's received. It was primarily by chance that I selected this unit because I got it at a very good price Used.  I still have my pass labs, but I'll probably look to sell that in the near future.

My next quandary is selecting a good preamp, I'm using a Schiit Freya S  that seems to work well , but I'm really not sure what's the best choice.  That's another story...


I use Freya+ with Starkrimson monoblocks.


Whenever I use different tubes, it change tones.

I can make it sound fuller or sharper depending on vintage tubes.

Fortunately, I have more than 80 diffferent kinds of 6sn7 and variants.😀



I have had the Atma-Sphere Class D now for a couple of months and can't be happier. Sound stage is wide and sound is very real sounding to me, in my system. I liked the sound so much, I ended up upgrading a bit more of my system.


PS Audio Power Plant 12 > Innuos Zen > Weiss DAC 502 > Atma-Sphere MP-3 > Atma-Sphere Class D > Rethm Saadhana

PC LessLoss 


Speaker Cable LessLoss with LessLoss firewall for loudspeakers


Happy Listening, all, on your own systems. I hope it brings you the same pleasure my system gives me.


I gave the PeachTree GAN400 a nice long trial run on my office Magnepan LRS+. I used a Holo Audio Serene preamp (amazing) and my trusty old Benchmark DAC3B.

The GAN400 drove the LRS+ very well. Almost as good as my CODA #16. However, the CODA #16 had much more engaging sound to it. If the GAN400 is 8.5/10 then the CODA was a 10/10. I used the CODA with a Benchmark LA4 preamp and DAC3B. However, those components were moved to my main rig so the GAN400 was purchased.

I put the Peachtree GAN1 (modded by EVS) back into the LRS+. It lacks a bit of power compared to the GAN400. I also need to move the volume dial on ROON higher than when using my preamps. However, it is a very engaging sound. Like the CODA #16 but with less deep power. This is tolerable with the LRS+ speakers and my small office.

The PeachTree GAN400 is being returned. It is good but the modded GAN1 is great, even if it could use a small boost in power for the LRS+. I got to figure out how to connect my KEF KC62 sub to the GAN1. It so much easier to hook up the sub when using a preamp like the LA4 or Serene.



Congrats OP on success with choosing an amp.

A whole thread on new class D amps and no love (nor mention) for the Nilai500?

Perhaps too inexpensive lol.

Im having success with a pair of these behind a Supratech preamp