New Classe Delta amps and stereo pre amp

The Classe website has announced that the new Delta amps and stereo processor will be ready next month. I will be curious to learn more about them.
I heard these at AXPONA last year with a pair of Magico S5 or S3 speakers. One of the best rooms. These amps are great!!
@gallus - The Anthem also lets you bypass digital conversion of analog sources. From the manual:
By default, analog inputs are converted to 32-bit / 192 kHz using a high-quality A/D converter to allow Anthem Room Correction, bass management, distance calibration, bass/treble controls, listening modes, and rumble filter. If this setting is changed to No, signal processing is bypassed and only level adjustment remains.
Since I no longer have analog sources, I haven’t compared the STR to competing units strictly as an analog preamp. It is outstanding as a digital one, controlling two subs and two mains with RC for the bass.

I hope you have fun with your project!
Finally, after the Middle Kingdom years we are moving to Japan.

My CP-700 will be replaced in a decade with a Delta Pre when available for a quarter of MSRP given that it features processor bypass mode.

Such a smooth companion for my UD9004 with balanced stereo stage and the wonderful Paradigm Reference S8s.

Some details and photos here, the Made in Japan label prominently displayed on back (Abt has been shipping our appliances across four states for past 10 years, their staff are great to deal with):


250W / 8Ω
500W / 4Ω
350W / 2Ω

It looks weird only 350W at 2Ω. Anyone knows why? My CA-2300 features 300@8, 600@4, but I don't know how much at 2 ohm
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