New classe delta preamp and classe stereo amp?

Was wondering your thoughts on the newer Classe preamp and stereo amp combo vs something like the Accuphase E5000 integrated? Does anyone own this classe combo? It will be driving my older B&W 804S speakers and a rel t7x sub. I used to own the older classe cp500 and ca2200 amp. I have the E5000 right now and it sounds great, but just thinking of going back to seperates. Just a thought and some advice. I know the new classe is made in japan now. Thanks


what do you mean fan noise? hmm. i havent noticed anything but i ll double check now that you mentioned it :) 

@joe2022 , was just wondering if the fans are loud or you can here them at all. Probably not from your response, which is a good thing. I guess behind the grate in front is a filter you can blow out or wash. You have the newest mono's, correct?