New Coincident Frankenstein 300B Stereo Version

Coincident has a new stereo version of the Frankenstein. I currently use Coincident Super Victory IIIs speakers driven by Pass Labs XA30.8. My preamp is EAR Yoshino 868PL.

Logic tells me the Frankenstein Stereo would be a steller match with my speakers. I have never had SET amps in my setup before.

Just wondering if I will be going the SET route, would I lose bass?

Love the Pass XA30.8 but curious about what people call "SET magic".

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


I recommend that you contact the manufacturer, Israel, and see if he will let you audition the amplifier. He might even be willing to pay a small fee and shipping for the opportunity. You will never otherwise know.  

I actually live in the same city as Israel. I wanted to audition but he told me it's not possible.


As you know, you will get a significantly different sonic presentation with the amp you are considering over the amp you are now using. My experience with SET was mixed, BUT the mid range was glorious. Tones sounded lifelike and spatial qualities  were most satisfying. I don’t think you will lose bass but you should get a much different sound. I am not familiar with the amp you are considering and perhaps an audiophile near you might be able to let you listen to his 300B rig.

@sim_audio_nerd - suggest private messaging member charles1dad , though he may see this thread and respond directly. He has coincident speakers, preamp  and Frankenstein; and I find him to be objective in providing his thoughts

I have Coincident Statement II pre and 845 Turbo, both are not of golden tube sound, more about accuracy, transparency. I also have custom built 300B monoblocks, none have bass bloat or high freq. rolloff. I'd expect the Coincident 300B would be voiced similarly as my 300B and Coincident equipment. I'd expect more harmonic development with the SET vs Pass.


Yes, Charles1dad would be able to more accurately describe Coincident 300B. Also important to use one of the upper crust 300B tubes with any 300B amp.