New Coincident Frankenstein 300B Stereo Version

Coincident has a new stereo version of the Frankenstein. I currently use Coincident Super Victory IIIs speakers driven by Pass Labs XA30.8. My preamp is EAR Yoshino 868PL.

Logic tells me the Frankenstein Stereo would be a steller match with my speakers. I have never had SET amps in my setup before.

Just wondering if I will be going the SET route, would I lose bass?

Love the Pass XA30.8 but curious about what people call "SET magic".

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


@charles1dad  Preservation of my hearing was a significant motivating factor for choosing the Frankensteins.  I can listen at much lower levels and hear much, much more detail.

I have happily owned the Frankenstein MKII version for 6 years and had a brief experience with them hooked up to Victory II speakers. If I recall correctly, the VII’s were 97db and 10 ohms. I did not perceive any issues with this particular pairing.

Recent Coincident speakers are all around 92-94db and 8 ohms. Some owners of these speakers who also have Frankensteins have ended up bi-amping for better bass performance, or have gone with higher powered amplifiers.

If it is low level listening you prefer, the Frankensteins with very good tubes and cabling will be superb. With loud rock, or large scale symphonic music, then maybe it would not be a good choice.


Where are you with respect to room size, listening levels and music genres?



Do you alternate your Frankenstein and Atma-Sphere M-60s on your Von Schweikert speakers? 


Between the two, I have a strong preference for the Frankensteins. I use the Franks 99.9% of the time, but it is fun to switch in another amp every once in awhile.