New Coincident Frankenstein 300B Stereo Version

Coincident has a new stereo version of the Frankenstein. I currently use Coincident Super Victory IIIs speakers driven by Pass Labs XA30.8. My preamp is EAR Yoshino 868PL.

Logic tells me the Frankenstein Stereo would be a steller match with my speakers. I have never had SET amps in my setup before.

Just wondering if I will be going the SET route, would I lose bass?

Love the Pass XA30.8 but curious about what people call "SET magic".

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



For me getting to learn the nuances of what I hear, getting familiar with the fabric of music made it possible to fine-tune my system to allow further and deeper exploration.

 I completely understand this perspective and relate to it 100%.

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I’ve just come across the Frankenstein stereo amp. I’m currently using a Willsenton R300 300B tube amp. Would anyone be able to compare the Frankenstein to the Willsenton? Thanks for your time