New computer for Streaming????

Just received a few days ago and have 10 hours listening, thus far,a Bricasti M1 SE DAC with streamer.. My OLD OLD computer that was used for USB streaming doesn't have the innards for Qobuz and audirvana.   This will be my first taste of actual streaming via Ethernet. ( that all say is to die for vs USB)  I'm looking at Apple Mac Books, as my dealer says is superior for streaming music, much quieter???? However, should I desire to Hard wire it via Ethernet i would need an adapter, C to Ethernet, not a big issue. I have always had a Windows based computer. (except for an apple I phone)  I was hoping as this is my first foray into actual streaming, someone  could help with, which is better or doesn't make a difference, personal preference etc????  Any help would be much appreciated a s usual. Robert TN     PS   which would be easier to use, example, downloading Qobuz and Aurirvana.


OP the computer will just be for an app that is the User Interface.  Personally, I like a tablet- ipad if you are an apple fan.  you just view information and select your music on it.  The streaming bits with the music content go directly from the Internet into the Bricasti. 

unfortunately, there's no guarantee that their ethernet is the "best" input.  seems like it should be, but my PS Audio has a network bridge, and as others have mentioned, it's inferior sounding and aggravatingly unreliable.  So, I have a nice DAC, but it requires a PC or streamer.

I am not yet convinced that a PC with an i7 and 8GB of RAM with SSD and only running the OS* plus the streaming app is so awful as many make it out to be.  but also have not had the $$ to try a $2K + streamer.  I need to find someone local to either let me borrow that superior streamer, or to let me try my DAC in their system=  Rogue Cronus magnum III and ML ESL-X ,DH lab USB cable should be sufficiently resolving.

* I acknowledge, that windows is running way too much in the background, but there is so much more power in this system than you'll find in any streamer. I know there is zero contention for compute resources!

testrun//// Thanks so much for the post. You have a really NICE SYSTEM!!

I just have the system described, no others attached. I have another system (lesser quality) in another location, which I will continue to stream USB,( great DAC, no streamer though)  which is fine. I'm just looking for a computer to download the 2 applications, so I can stream. As I don't have an I pad, and don't want to play with my I phone, I will most likely hard wire ( Ethernet) the new lap top to my listening,  area and use it to choose my songs to play though Audirvana,via Qobuz.   Thanks again   Ps    Love your Joseph Audio Speakers!!!

My opinion may be disputed, but I find a built for purpose real-time Linux OS to be a very good streamer. This must be a single purpose device.

Bitperfect MPD with ALSA for a Linux Audio PC System (

These instructions are for Debian, but I use Ubuntu 22.04 and have found great results. There may very well be better streamers out there but the few I took apart are ... computers with Linux running.  So I figure why not build it yourself.

@innaif your analogue and digital sources sound the same, why do you still keep the turntable ? Habit, tradition, aesthetics ?”


Nostalgia. I also have a collection of 2,000 albums in pristine condition that I have collected over the last 55 years… many audiophile pressings. Occasionally it is fun to go through the old tradition that has been the hallmark of great sound since I was 4 or 5 (my father would be spinning back then).



robshaw I've found a tablet makes an excellent remote control for running your control app. I picked up a refurbished Ipad mini for a little over $100 6 years ago for this purpose and it's still running strong.