New D'Agostino Monoblocks...$250,000

The new D’Agostino Relentless monoblocks cost $250,000 per pair.
They weigh in at 485 pounds.
1500 wpc @ 8 ohms...   3000 wpc @ 4 ohms...   6000 wpc @ 2 ohms.
Gorgeous looking amps for sure and I’m sure they perform like crazy.

Be sure to invite me over when you take delivery of your pair.
Anyone care to estimate how many pairs of these per year will be sold?

How many pairs do you think he needs to sell to break even?
Dan must buy his output transistors in lots of many thousands at a time.
These amps are certainly a statement Item,but they do need some black on them somewhere.

Most of you already know that these amps will sell in the Asian market. I have also read that Wilson WAMM owners could be others who would buy quickly. I read the WAMM and Relentless combo was sounding  rather good at the Wilson factory when the functioning versions were there for evaluation.