New DAC! Meitner MA3, Denafrips Terminator Plus, Holo May KTE, Mola Mola Tambaqui

Currently have an original Schiit yggdrasil.  Thinking about taking another step up or maybe two steps!  Is the Holo May still good?  I know I hear a lot about Denafrips.  Then someone was mentioning Mola Mola. 

I like the idea of the i2s HDMI connection, I believe this is so I could have my DAC decode SACD versus a player. 

Also considering name brands dCS Lina, Meitner MA3, MSB?

Wilson Alexia V

Dan D'Agostino S250

Mac mini running Roon

Is anyone really winning in this space.  Tough for me to demo at home as I'm 2 hours from HiFi Shops and they are kind of limited in the direct to consumer DACs.

Thank you!



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Is the HiFi Rose RS150B more about a touch screen and software than sound quality? How does it stack up against other $5k-$6k streamers?

The 150b is actually quite good when you think about the multiple functions the unit is capable of. I have one in my office system with a Sugden IA4 and Devore speakers. I think it is a terrific value at its retail, even more so at its street price.



ghasley, I'll guess SW1X?

No but I understand SW1X makes great gear. I have UK networking, Dutch server/streamer, UK DAC (but will be evaluating other dacs soon of UK and US origin), UK amplification and USA speakers.

@shkong78 ,

Will wait to hear your feedback about the Pi+ DAC once you have completed the demo in your system. Sounds interesting.

If you are streaming, I find streaming so much easier to listen to with a tube DAC.

Alan Sircom described the Dave as “listening to a direct feed from the mixing desk”.

Whereas the Brinkmann Nyquist will “summon up the musicians and conductors in front of you, in a kind of holographic simulation of the live event. The comparison is one of head vs. heart if you like, with the Nyquist taking the ‘heart’ route all the way.”

If you plan to keep the DAC long term, it’s a pretty easy to figure out which DAC will be easier to live with over the long run.


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