New DAC! Meitner MA3, Denafrips Terminator Plus, Holo May KTE, Mola Mola Tambaqui

Currently have an original Schiit yggdrasil.  Thinking about taking another step up or maybe two steps!  Is the Holo May still good?  I know I hear a lot about Denafrips.  Then someone was mentioning Mola Mola. 

I like the idea of the i2s HDMI connection, I believe this is so I could have my DAC decode SACD versus a player. 

Also considering name brands dCS Lina, Meitner MA3, MSB?

Wilson Alexia V

Dan D'Agostino S250

Mac mini running Roon

Is anyone really winning in this space.  Tough for me to demo at home as I'm 2 hours from HiFi Shops and they are kind of limited in the direct to consumer DACs.

Thank you!


@audioman58 , Good Morning!  Are your buddies using separate streamers with the T+A 200?  What amps?  Thanks, Ken

@chauncey you have very high quality revealing components so a matching quality DAC is advised. Prices may not be current:

  • -2.3 Doge 7 MkII tube DAC
  • 4.5 Wired4Sound DAC-2v2SE
  • -5.0 Audio-GD R7HE MK2
  • 5.6 Kitsune Hifi May-KTE.
  • *6.6 Lampizator Baltic 4 (punches way above price point- beats KTE).
  • -6.8 Bel Canto Ex1 DAC (Transparent)
  • 7.3 Lampizator Golden Atlantic TRP,
  • 10.5 Meitner’s MA 3.
  • 12.0 Mojo Mystique Pro (max 24/192)
  • *12.0 Rockna Wave dream EditionSignature DAC balanced
  • 13.4 Mola Mola’s Tambaqui
  • 15.0 APL Hi-FI DSD-SR mk2 (most Ianalog, unique sound)
  • 16.0 Briscasti M21
  • 18.0 Brinkmann Nyquist,
  • *20.9 Jadis JS1 MkV
  • *22.0 Playback Designs Dream
  • 28.0 Lampizator Golden Gate

I compiled this list when searching for my DAC hoping to get up to the sonics of my analog chain. I ended up purchasing the DSM/2 with the Linn Organik DAC card upgrade which I believe is a sonic bargain elevating to the sonics of top DACs - I still can’t believe my luck.

If I were you, i would just continue improving the sound of the yggdrasil with power conditioning, dedicated power line, better cables, upstream components (DDC, streamer), better ethernet infrastructure, etc. 

When you do that and lay a solid foundation for your digital chain,  you may note that the diminishing returns are getting maxed out whenever you try to upgrade to a 10k+ dac in some fancier chassis.


why don't play SACD with Spdif connections? 

Limited bandwidth, typically maxes out at 24/192 (DOP)