New DACs High End Munich 2023

I am now searching for a new DAC to replace my Oppo UDP-205 and High End Munich 2023 was the event I was waiting for to hear about new announcements.

I know that Auralic and Total DAC have introduced new DACs and Primare has new modules. Anyone hear any other DACs being released in the next 2-3 months?



New or old tech, R2R or ∆Σ, the most important thing is, implementation. Since you already own a very nice tube preamp I would steer clear of tube DAC’s. Compile a list of DAC’s under your budget and see how many of those you can audition risk free in your home.

@milpai seems the Weiss 204 is within your budget, if you don't need a streamer module, and you are okay with no native DSD and just the 3 USB/SPDIF/AES standard inputs. It is delta sigma but dual mono and Weiss is of good repute.

Another good choice would be Ferrum's Wandla, even cheaper and has a streamer module and lots more inputs, filters, and sample rates. Also does native DSD I believe. I own the Ferrum Hypsos LPS and it has been rock solid for 2 years now, Ferrum is a trusted European OEM so has a history of reliability.

Great questions and suggestions. Thank You for that.

As far as improvements are concerned - Oppo is a jack of all. So I am expecting more resolution from a dedicated DAC.

FGPA DACs - I have been eyeing used Hugo TT2 for sometime now.

About the Bryston - heard mixed reviews - but intrigued by AKM chip, though I know that it is the implementation that matters.

Weiss converts everything to 195 PCM and that is not the path I want to go. Will kindly request posters to not bring up PCM Vs DSD discussion here.

Wandla - was not aware of this. So will surely look into this one.

One more DAC that I am eyeing is the Okto DAC. This is one that has high recommendation from both camps.

@milpai, As was suggested above the KEY WORD is "audition risk free in your home (Thanks, @lalitk)". You will never know how a DAC, or any other component, will sound in your system until you try it.

It is the synergy of all the components working together, including the room, that makes an audio system sound great. Have fun listening.