New DACs High End Munich 2023

I am now searching for a new DAC to replace my Oppo UDP-205 and High End Munich 2023 was the event I was waiting for to hear about new announcements.

I know that Auralic and Total DAC have introduced new DACs and Primare has new modules. Anyone hear any other DACs being released in the next 2-3 months?



Good to know that you recommended a DAC since you probably heard good things about it. But there are some red flags, at least for me, and that is what even @jjss49 feels. You say you are an “old tube guy” and “been around the block”. From experiences on this and other forums, old time have hard time with internet. Strange that you registered brand new to make a recommendation, in the very first post. Old guys generally register when they desperately need help, and Internet forums is probably the last thing on their minds. 
Maybe you are different than other old timers we have seen here before. Cheers to you for the recommendation. Unfortunately, I do not look forwards to tubes in my DAC.

On The Weekend Passed, I was fortunate to be one of a Group of invitees to a Home where the resident system has been a ’first time’ encounter, and nearly every device in the system has been a first time encounter as well.

A recent acquisition DAC from the Brand Hegel, which the was the Model HD 30, is the resident DAC and was used for much of the demo’.

From the outset there was a lot to be happy with, but that could have also been very much associated with the Klipsch Jubilee Speakers, that were taking pride of place in a dedicated Acoustic Treated room, or just the whole ambience as the listening Room is the result of a recent completion of a Home Renovation.

Once the stimulus’s were more concentrated into the Sound being produced only.

It become quite apparent the Hegel HD 30, was in this system, as a SS DAC, was delivering in manner that was much more noticeable in improvement to my tastes, to any other SS DAC that has been demo’d over the past 18 months.

The day was not limited to the system as met, there were devices brought along that were to be exchanged with resident equivalents.

RCA Phono Cables between £300 - £1000 were tried out.

In this system, the £1000 Cable was able to really show off the Quality of the CD Replays, the sound being produced was a cut above, what was before.

Alternative Pre and Power Amp’s were used and then a Bespoke Built Valve DAC>PWA Memory Player as a comparison to the CDP >Hegel.

The Valve DAC for all the right reasons was a show stopper, the requests to replay earlier used tracks was constant. The Valve DAC really shone in this system.

I am investigation SS DAC’s and am not allocating a cost associated with the Hegel, I am on a tighter budget and am also am interested in a DAC with a small dimension/footprint.

If I could discover a SS DAC that meets my wants, that has a leaning toward the Hegel by as little as 50% as a produced sonic, I will be very happy. The Hegel is in my view based on experience through encounters with SS DAC’s the best encounter I have had to date.

If Budget allows, the Hegel HD 30, is certainly one to attempt to have a demo’ off.

It also is seemingly a Model with many Tick Boxes for the OP’s needs.

FWIW, both the Host of this occasion and one of the attendees, had got themselves quite familiarised with the Hegel prior to their visiting Munich 2023.

Their description given when inquiring about DAC;s encountered, is pretty much, neither felt their experiences at Munich was able to discover a DAC' that stood out against this one, the only notable differences they were confident they was detecting was the difference between speakers being demo'd.

As the system in use with the Hegel has Klipsch Jubilee's as Speakers, this is hardly surprising. I myself expect many Speakers to sound quite wanting after being in front of the Klipsch's for quite few hours.

I totally get not wanting tubes in your DAC or tube equipment. I spoke with a lot of CJ guys before demoing and purchasing the Lampizator. It pairs well with my CJ equipment. I’m the opposite. I have tubes in everything except the streamer. Yes, even the CD player has 2 tubes. I replaced a Bryston BDA-2 that I kept after selling a BDP and preamp. It never paired well with the vintage CJ amp. Once I found the ET3se in mint condition, I started looking for a new DAC. I’ve had the Amber for almost a year. Despite not having a power button on the front plate, it’s been a nice addition. I just purchased the Lumin U2. I preferred it over the Bricasti M3. As you may know, some consider it’s design and firmware more future ready. Unlike some audio geeks, I find myself returning to classic equipment, similar to what CJ has to offer instead of the latest and greatest. If you’re patient and lucky, you can find some incredible CJ equipment, have CJ service/upgrade caps etc as needed and end up with something really special.  

Coincidentally, I also bought a Lumin U2 a few days ago, I’m running it with a Rockna Wavedream XLR DAC, a Big Hattor passive preamp and a SimAudio Moon W8 power amplifier, and I don’t regret the purchase (before that I had a DIY audioPC costing about 4k EUR). Even though the Lumin U2 is still far from complete burnt in, I like the sound of it.

Enjoy your new streamer.

No problems with the internet on my end. I understand questioning a new users recommendation or just blowing it off. However, being rude or condescending is a bit much - the first response. I’ve used the internet extensively for a very long time - personally and professionally. If you noticed, I was not seeking advice as you mentioned, just offering up a consideration. I just purchased a Lumin U2 mini without seeking advice on this site. I guess I don’t fit the profile you imagine or normally experience on this site. I was a member of this site years ago, two email addresses and forgotten passwords ago. I usually don’t read posts on this site. I’m a third time user… I joined again to make a simple purchase.