New DACs High End Munich 2023

I am now searching for a new DAC to replace my Oppo UDP-205 and High End Munich 2023 was the event I was waiting for to hear about new announcements.

I know that Auralic and Total DAC have introduced new DACs and Primare has new modules. Anyone hear any other DACs being released in the next 2-3 months?


Coincidentally, I also bought a Lumin U2 a few days ago, I’m running it with a Rockna Wavedream XLR DAC, a Big Hattor passive preamp and a SimAudio Moon W8 power amplifier, and I don’t regret the purchase (before that I had a DIY audioPC costing about 4k EUR). Even though the Lumin U2 is still far from complete burnt in, I like the sound of it.

Enjoy your new streamer.

No problems with the internet on my end. I understand questioning a new users recommendation or just blowing it off. However, being rude or condescending is a bit much - the first response. I’ve used the internet extensively for a very long time - personally and professionally. If you noticed, I was not seeking advice as you mentioned, just offering up a consideration. I just purchased a Lumin U2 mini without seeking advice on this site. I guess I don’t fit the profile you imagine or normally experience on this site. I was a member of this site years ago, two email addresses and forgotten passwords ago. I usually don’t read posts on this site. I’m a third time user… I joined again to make a simple purchase. 

@rubicon15 Welcome to the Forum, I watched this forum for quite few years before I joined, I see too many posts with similarities to your own experience being met.

Not too long after joining I took a few low blows from the 'old guard', I am still here a few years on and stand strong in my corner.

It looks like your initial entry requires a few extra implements to help pass over some of the hurdles you are being presented.

I have read your first post, your recommendation clearly makes a reference to considering a used item, as well as what I assume is a latest model.

Seeing as there is no links added to anything used, and the present used market using HiFi Shark as  a reference for a Amber 3, shows the only model presently for sale is in Eastern Europe.

I doubt you are the Vendor of a Amber 3 located in the Country Czechoslovakia. 

I think the confrontation is unnecessary and you if the confronters can be the bigger person, you should be feeling much more welcomed.    

Thank you for the follow up pindac. I sincerely appreciate the insight. I’m confident that no one in this group condones condescending or rude behavior. I’m definitely not a vendor or someone trying to dump a used Amber 3. The Amber 4 is the newest entry level DAC. I usually take a fair amount of time to research and demo different components. I’m also fairly patient if I’m considering a used piece of equipment. I don’t look for the best deal. I look for the highest quality piece of equipment I can find. I’ve bought and sold a lot over the years. Like many users, I wish I would have kept a few signature pieces - speakers, reel to reel, Mac amp… I’m more into classic audio equipment, not necessarily the latest and greatest DAC on the market. I will keep your advice in mind moving forward. Thanks again 

There has to be something very Special about a Modern Device to get my attention.

At present in the World of Digital it is the Hegel HD 30 that is the most desired to be listened to in the home system, but limited to its qualities as a SS DAC. I can't see a SS DAC in the short term or even further down the line pushing myself of a Valve DAC. As stated a percentage of the Hegel's traits in a compact form would suffuce for my needs.

In the World of Vinyl, the most desired to be home auditioned devices are a few SUT's produced by the same Brand. 

I very rarely sell and can put together a system used in the Olden Days very quickly, I know where I have been and where I am at. Classic used audio Sources are very attractive to myself, having these overhauled with a modern concept is where the magic really happens for me.

Valves are the big thing, and Vintage Tubes in use with these has proven to be my tipple.