New David Gilmour record:any feedback?

I know the new record is out already and i'm looking for any feedback on it.Does it have the dreamy quality ti it and those trademark Gilmour solos on it?I am kinda suspicius of special guests like Willie Nelson and David Crosby.Thanks for your replies.
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I listened to it while going to sleep last night, This is what I remembered.
"Take A Breath" has the vocal tempo of one part of Genesis "Supper's Ready".
"Red Sky At Night" reminds me "Shine on You Crazy Diamond, part ?").
"Then I Closed My Eyes" sounds like it could be from the album Obscured By Clouds.

....fading to sleep
Heard parts of the album on NPR yesterday with commentary.
Apparently he was not as affraid of sounding like Pink Floyd on this solo effort as he was in the past.
From what I heard of the album, this is true.
Not bad.
At Best Buy for this week - $9.99 with bonus single-track CD "Island Jam".

I listened to a couple of tracks in the car on the way back to my hotel last night. Sure sounds like some of Pink Floyd's post Roger Waters stuff. I'll give it a whirl on the hifi on Saturday when I get home.