New digital i-everything dock from Cambridge Audio

Looks like Wadia (and Onkyo in Europe and Japan) have some competition coming in the form of the new Cambridge iD100 digital dock with some pretty impressive features....

here's a link:

hi. i read about this and am still going to wait on some other manufacturer to come out with some interface so i can use my dac. come on apple license someone. i just do not want to spend 300 bucks on another dock or another dac. ht istreamer is the same. pay 200 bucks and use their dac. patience...i predict in a few years someone will make a little device that just takes the digital out and bypasses the ipod dac for a reasonable price.
I like that they have included AES/EBU balanced digital as an output.

The thing that would get me off my rear end on computer audio would be a dock that offered simple but high quality wi fi streaming from an I-Pad that would just convert a loss less format to standard PCM AND keep it at its native sample rate and frequency. DAC of my choice plus both high and standard bit rates, picking tracks and making play lists from my sofa....I would be in. Probably a few more years if ever, sadly.
Thanks for the head up, it looks promising and should have good build and sound quality. It would be a real plus if it had the streaming as well. Boy have I gotten lazy:].