New Duelund hookup wire: DCA10GA

Duelund appear to have recently released a new hookup wire.  At 10GA it is their thickest yet, and claims to offer the fullest and richest sound.

As someone who has experimented with their existing 12GA and 16GA I thought I would give it a go as speaker cable.  My system is great with the 12GA, though could still benefit a little from a fuller, warmer sound.

Based on early impressions I can confirm it offers much of the 12GA, just more.  Fuller and more dynamic bass being the obvious one.  Vocals feel to me more natural too - less hard.  There is certainly no danger of it being too warm or dull.

Duelund wires normally take a while to burn-in, so I'll hold back on a final opinion for a while.  However, anyone finding their system too bright would do well to try some.


@carlsbad2 Parallel, on the advice of the vendor. It's also the same configuration as their "dual" versions. The two lengths are held together by fabric insulating tape


Thanks @lollipopguild .  that is how I made my cables to go from my external crossovers to my speakers using DCA12 and 16.

By vendor you mean you asked Duelund?


Western Electric tinned, annealed, 10 ga copper wire also sounds good as either speaker cable or power cord. The NOS or OS WE 10 ga wire can be found as a twisted pair, which provides a uniform twist for PCs and SCs. I believe this is the wire that was/is used by TWL in their American series cables.