New Dynaudio Heritage Special..?..!

Does anyone know anything about these speakers?
just launched last week.
only 2500 made. $7000 or so in US.
Looks like an old Contour, but has all the components of the Confidence.
sounds like the ultimate monitor.

I have Special 40s and now am envious..😉

anyone hear anything?


Joseph Audio Pulsar Graphene is 9K and Silverline SR17 Supreme is 7.5K,.

It's not as if the Heritage Special is in a price category of its own. 

I wasn't aware that affordability was a hallmark of this hobby!

Congrats @ianrmack! Loving my pair of these and I hope you do, too. 

Also, fwiw, from what I can tell our ol' pal Steve didn't actually sell his Heritage Specials. According to his most recent review, he's now got three systems he'll keep "forever", including the HS, the La Scala and his newest obsession, the Fleetwood Deville.

I have no idea what he'll be claiming next month, but I do know that my HS will be with me for a long, long time. 


I am in the middle of doing a 60 day comparison of Dyn Heritage Specials with my Dyn Special 40s.I own both so not doing a dealer audition.

My initial observation: DHSs are an "audiophile speaker" while the S40s are a "music lovers speaker".


S40's replace Focus 140s in the kitchen/fam room driven by Cambridge CXA-81.

DHS in my basement office (9'x15') driven by: Belles Aria Sig/Denafrips Pontus II/Bluesound Node and Teddy Pardo LPs

@ianrmack Great to hear you are enjoying both. Years ago I owned two different pair of the Contour S 1.4. The HS and S40 have both been on my short list to be driven by CODA CSX and CODA pre. 

Look forward to your next update.😉