New EMM LABS transport

Lets hear from owners of the new transport. How do you like it? Notice much differance in sound from the Philips 1000? If so, can you describe?
Hope this isn't premature as it started shipping 3 or 4 weeks ago. I sure would like to hear your first impressions.
Which is interesting, as the new transport still uses a Phillips mechanism, no? Seems a lot of scratch for a transport...
just hooked it up and right out of the box seems to be more

refined lower noise floor darker background more details

more musical than the phillips or maybe its just my

immagination in reality whats the difference if i perceive

these improvements thats all that matters
Ted, Thanks for your impressions. Please keep us posted as you have more time with it.
Thanks, Frank
For someone like myself who wants to go with the emm labs DCC2, I am considering buying a used emm labs Phillips SACD1000 (prices range 1500-1695) vs. the new emm labs CDSD. Other than eventual failure of the used emm labs SACD1000, can anyone comment on definite advantages spending the extra 5500 dollars or so up front for the new CDSD ?