New expensive power cord for amp and no change in sound?

I bought new an expensive(for me) well known and reviewed power cord for my very good amp and plugged it directly onto the wall socket. After a couple of weeks of daily use I hear no change in the sound quality from a $500 cord. I don’t want to name it for fear of getting my thread deleted. You would know it or at least be aware of the company. Did I throw away several thousand dollars? Before I get the snake oil answer I want to let you know that I bought an upgraded cord for my pre as suggested by the pre’s manufacturer and am pleased with the results.

I guess for full disclosure the amp’s manufacturer said don’t bother. But I had had good luck with the pre so I thought it would be a good idea.

Anybody else have this happen to them?


@rodman99999 - this is exactly what I mean. There is little critical audio listening in the fighter plane, but i am sure quality cables are selected to deliver power in environment full of RF interference and when performance may literally mean life or death. They would perform well in a less hostile conditions :-)


New video -- 2 Power cords sound test

1) click 3:51. This opens YT window.

2) In YT, make a small YT window (narrow & tall, right half screen) to see the video screen and 2 time stamps (3:51, 9:37 in description) are in the same screen.

3) Listen at least 1 minute each and repeat.

Just relax and feel what comes to your ears when you click.

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@mikhailark -

...selected to deliver power in environment full of RF interference and when performance may literally mean life or death. They would perform well in a less hostile conditions :-)

     No doubt: they're selected to dependably deliver DC voltages, under those conditions.

     Personally: power cables designed to conduct (perhaps: purify) AC voltages, or: ICs designed for the highly complex musical signals I enjoy, are my preference.

      When it comes to performance, in life and death situations; it's been my experience: firearms are much more dependable.       

      Out of curiosity: what brand of fighter jet cabling have you found to use in your system?

       How did you do your research, or: have you schooling in Avionics?


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Well then Pass is a well known and admired popular brand in the audiophile world. I would like to know if others have used up market cords with Pass and found they did improve the sound.

I have owned the following Pass amps: X250.5, XA30.8, X260.8 mono blocks (my current amps). I’ve also experimented with several power cables. I heard the difference every time. The change isn’t always positive. But it’s there and is audible. 
I had Pass XP-12 preamp and now running XP-22. Power cords make a difference on these preamps as well. 

As a matter of fact, I’ve not yet owned a component that didn’t react to power cord changes. 

@rodman99999 My ed is in applied math, signal processing and hobby is DYI audio. I don't specialize in avionics, it is just I tend to look up what is used in real advanced cases. Just to be sure there is no Barnum... I've seen "big box" fancy looking gear, but when opened it was basically empty inside with 3"x3" poorly soldered board and unshielded power supply. But it costed $$$. So I always check the engineering side.

There is a list of MILSPEC cables that list material, shielding, etc. So it is handy to check if that exotic metals cable wrapped in Japanese silk is truly necessary :-)