New format, dislike.....

Your thoughts?
Looks like the line break issue has been fixed. Kudos to Justin & co. at Audiogon for addressing this issue so promptly, and kudos once again for having responded in similar fashion to the earlier "My Threads" issue.

Best regards,
-- Al

I hope after all the bugs are worked out on the new system Justin will address why many of the "member since" join dates are incorrect.

Here is a good example.

Member rcprince now shows he has been a member since 11-17-2010.

 rcprince has feedback given on June 21, 2000 and his first post to the audio forum on 08-30-2000. His actual join date may have been earlier than 06-21-2000.

Generally it is fatiguing on the eyes. It is difficult to distinguish between thread headers and what is written under them. The amount of real estate this takes up is not necessary. Too much open space. It is not a natural flow of the eye from one topic to the next. I have to work too hard.

My join date is incorrect also. It shows as 2010. Don't know when I actually joined but I received my first feedback in June of 2000.