New gears?

Hey yous guys,

Guess what -- the word "gear" is a plural form without the added "s" when used in the context of audio (or any other) type of equipment. When I think of "gears," it's usually in the context of individual mechanical gears, like those found in a watch or a multi-speed bicycle. I don't believe it should be used to refer to individual components.

Am I wrong? Is "gears" also acceptable when used in this context? It sounds very odd to me. Any English scholars out there?
Plato: No, it is not proper useage in the US, but it "kits" Vs "kit" perhaps proper?
Yeah guys, 3.73:1, that was my favorite gear too, for my '67 Z28 Camaro back in the day. 4.11:1 had great bottom end and midrange power but rolled off the top end, whereas the 2.73:1 had great top end but no bottom octave horsepower... Always trade-offs!
Hi Sugarbrie.
Drinking "some beers" IS correct if you mean several different brands. Drinking some "beer" if you're not differentiating, no?
The stranger usage to my ear involves the British use of "kit" for "system".
Can you believe those Patriots?!
Subaruguru, first you mention the British term of "kit" for "system" then you call them Patriots. Where are your loyalties on this long past war? ; ^).