New Green Mountain Audio Website

For all those GMA fans out there, Roy has updated the GMA website.

Also, one of our own (UncleAudio) has posted a nice review of the Eos HD speaker in the Audiogon Reviews section.

Good stuff!!!
I am likewise a true fan of Roy Johnson's work and genius in loudspeaker design. I've owned the C-2s, the Europas, the C-1.5s, the Callistos and the HD Calypsos. I just received an upgraded (with the new HD internal wire) pair of C-3s. Yes, I move around the GMA speaker line, but I always stick with GMA. The only speaker listening experience I've heard that matches or exceeds the C-3HD experience is a set of the top of the line Acapellas demoed for me by the distributor with a set up costing well north of $100K.
Wow, would you actually buy a speaker that looks like that? Looks like something you find on Star Wars. Differentiation is almost required nowadays but I think these miss the mark aesthetically, IMO. Can't imagine them meeting anyone's WAF.