New Hana Blue cartridge?

Has anyone heard this and does anyone know the MSRP?  It seems like it's situated somewhere between the ML and the Unami Red.  


Thar's a Stonker of a Review.

Sounds just like what a Ortofon 'Die Hard' needs, who struggles with the idea of meeting their present pricing.

As per the Title of song by the Vapours - "I Think I'm Turning Japanese". 

It is great to see reports containing content that can generate such attraction toward a product.

I just listened to both Hana Umami models on a couple of SME ‘tables at a dealer recently and as a fan of alnico, I completely agree with the Tracking Angle review.

IMO, the Umami Blue could very easily be a little disruptor in the $3k+ marketplace, including Hana’s own Umami Red.

I love my Umami Red, worth every penny. If the blue is in the same neighborhood then you gotta give it a lesson.