New- HiFi ROSE RS130 Ultimate Network Transport

I originally thought that the HiFi ROSE RS130 Ultimate Network Transport was a CD transport until further reading.  It’s actually a streamer with the ability to apply a fiber optic connection to lower the noise.  Hifi Rose seem to put out highly praised products that are very high performance at their price points.  At 5.2k, it’s seems like a great value for the quality and proposed performance as it’s too early for reviews.




Looks like they thought of everything with RS130 but the components that tries to do everything often fails to deliver in the most important aspect i.e. SQ. 

There doesn't seem to be a lot of choices when you want to have HDMI for TV included. I have been waiting on reviews and opinions on this and the relatively inexpensive new Denon 2000.

With their use of i2s and optical, if implemented correctly, this will be a big advantage for audiophiles over other products. I do remember reading somewhere that there were some issues with using optical for home audio. If anyone knows, please share the reason. I wonder how or if Hifi Rose overcame such issues.