New- HiFi ROSE RS130 Ultimate Network Transport

I originally thought that the HiFi ROSE RS130 Ultimate Network Transport was a CD transport until further reading.  It’s actually a streamer with the ability to apply a fiber optic connection to lower the noise.  Hifi Rose seem to put out highly praised products that are very high performance at their price points.  At 5.2k, it’s seems like a great value for the quality and proposed performance as it’s too early for reviews.




may not be a great pair with the RS130 all PCM design, considering I will not be able to do a direct DSD source to DAC

@dhungana, I’m not sure if I’m reading this correctly. The RS130 does do native DSD out if configured to do so.

@tonyptony I stand corrected. The RS130 can do DSD when using I2S. But not through AES/EBU or USB. At least not with the curent firmware. Maybe it gets fixed and you can do DSD through USB soon as well.

@dhungana, hmm. Have you tried DSD over DoP, or only Native? Also, do you have the RS130 set up with volume control enabled? 

@tonyptony No volume control enabled. I've never tried DSD over DoP, only Native.

Regardless, 99.99% of all the music I listen to are NOT DSD so I can live without it. Perhaps my own unit is defective or I didn't configure it properly, but as long as everything else is working I'm not too bothered by the lack of DSD.