New Hobby Ultrasonic Record Cleaning

Purchased a cheap $199.00 stainless steel digital ultrasonic cleaner with a very nice record cleaning attachment off Amazon and I am having a blast.

This thing is heated, has a timer and an electric motor to rotate the records in the US tank. It is a 6L unit and it is made in China. Seems well built and it cleans records like a much more expensive machine.

I have cleaned a half dozen albums that are 40 plus years old and have only been cleaned with vacuuming machines and this thing is great. The albums I have cleaned sound darn near new and my wife thought I bought another new cartridge or phono pre-amp.

Can not recommend this type of cleaning system enough.

Rediscover those old albums.. if this thing lasts a couple of years I will be a happy dude. 
I just followed the link and bought one of these on Amazon it will be interesting to see my experience compared to the others on here.
Interesting how there are several other machines that are very similar for more $$.  I have been very curious about ultrasonic cleaning.  But, my small record (100 or so but growing) collection doesn't warrant buying one.  I was considering trying a local cleaning service at $5/record but this might just be worth a try instead. 
I hand clean with Audio Intelligent Enzymatic Formula, then their Super Cleaner. I follow with my $200 made in China ultrasonic cleaner. I use triple reverse osmosis purified water @ $.35 gal from a local marine aquarium store. I make a small mixture of Triton X (surficant), Hepastat (anti fungal/mold), and 99% isopropyl alcohol (speeds drying). Yes, I do use the heat setting and don’t let it exceed 38C. It’s gotten up to 41 and didn’t damage my LP but no way I would make that a practice. New records have production dust in the grooves. Nothing gets played without prior cleaning as my cartridges aren’t cheap and i need that stylus to last just a little while longer. New vinyl sounds incredibly quiet and old vinyl, depending on the previous owner, sounds anywhere from good (clicks and surface noise, but the instruments still shine) to quiet and dynamic. I have late 50’s, early 60’s vinyl that sounds amazing and nothing like I previously thought because of the layers and detail revealed from a clean groove and a deep stylus. This is a time consuming process, but I want my music to sound it’s very best and I’m willing to put in the effort and be patient. I clean maybe a couple of LPs a day at most. Personally, my wallet can’t justify a $1k plus ultrasonic cleaner. My kids not in college yet. Just offering what I do. Not encouraging anyone to follow my path

i thought perhaps i could dip the head of my 4 watt therapeutic US wand into a tub of water with my record soaking in it, until i read the specs of the amazon unit - 540 total watts! i wonder if that is input or output power, though?