New In 2020

Happy New Year!  feel free to cite new boxed sets, re-issues and release from any genre of Music.
Mike Gordon and Leo Kottke "Nice"(Release Date 11/18/2020)

Nice to hear from you this evening Jafant! It turned out to be an expensive phone call as it sent me on a buying spree. Mike Gordon and Leo Kottke have a new release that is coming out that I am super excited about. It is Leo Kottke’s first studio album since their last collaboration on "66 Steps" that was released 15 years ago.
Look forward to the Kottke release! Love Tractor's debut album remixed by REM's Bill Berry- Oct. 2nd. 
It looks like Neil Young has been busy during the Covid-19 quarantine by preparing a couple of live shows from the archives- "Return to Greendale" from the 2003 Greendale tour- 11/6 and "Way Down the Rust Bucket" which is a Crazy Horse show coming 12/6. Of course with Neil Young, the release dates are not always accurate.
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Jacob Collier, Djesse. If you want to see serious talent check this out. This is a 26 year old who is friends with Quinsey Jones and Herbie Hancock.