New Jazz Releases

Please feel free to post any newly released jazz titles. If you've actually purchased and listened to the recording, please post a review. Also be on the lookout for new artists.

Please do not post any re-released or re-issued older music here. Do NOT post any smooth jazz here.
As the year nears its end, I wanted to mention an overlooked beauty. The recording I keep coming back to the most this year is the Ran Blake recording "Ghost Tones".

Sadly no YouTube music yet, but Amazon has some short clips to let you hear what the music is about about. Many good to great reviews online.
+1 : Avishai Cohen....Dark Knights- really well played trio.

Maybe I'm the only one who didn't know but there are two jazz musicians named Avishai Cohen. The one mentioned above is sax player, the other who is better known to some, is a tremendous bassist. His live album is amazing,
"As Is… Live at the Blue Note".

I guess you can never have too many Avashais! Cheers,
John Zorn - Pellucidar - this is another "dreamers" release of his and IMO is a really good CD - excellent musicianship, SQ and overall very musical
I haven't noticed ever John Zorn being very musical in his previous work except I guess his Klezmer experiments. Should definitely try his new stuff. Thanks for heads up.