New Joseph Audio Pulsar Graphene 2

Just wanted to update my prior thread where this topic may have gotten lost.  As many of you may know by now, Joseph Audio has come out with the new Pulsar Graphene 2. This new iteration of the venerable Pulsars has a graphene coated magnesium midrange-woofer cone, and the drive motor, suspension system, etc., have been revamped. From what I have been told, the upgrade is pretty significant ... the sound is fuller and has greater ease, yet is very resolved. Jeff Joseph advises that an upgrade path will be available for existing owners of the Pulsars, too. Also, note that the price quoted in the Soundstage piece was in Canadian dollars ... Jeff informs me that the price in USD is $8,999 per pair. I am eager to hear the new Pulsars.
Thanks Soix good points.

Marklarsen we didnt start this our initial post never mentioned any of our brands it was others that caused this derailment.

For the record we have nothing against Joseph Audio we like their speakers just not enough to want to carry them and we like our existing product lines.

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