New KEF Reference 5 speakers

After many months of auditioning speakers (and probably testing the patience of several salesmen) I finally decided to get the KEF Reference 5s.  I just loved the wide sound stage and almost holographic imaging, among other things.  They were delivered in February and I’ve spent many hours listening.  At first I was disappointed.  They just didn’t produce the same imaging at my house with my equipment as in the store.  Also, they sounded bright and harsh with violins and high end music.  The dealer came to my house along with the regional sales rep from KEF to provide advice.  They urged me to allow more break in time (at that point they had been played about 100 hours). After many more hours, I am becoming more acquainted with them.  They are still improving with time.  Them break in period seems to be very lon. They’ve played several hundred hours and are still improving. They are extremely source sensitive—meaning that a poorly engineered record or CD will sound terrible and a well recorded one can be great.  I suppose this is a good thing with the KEFS-that they reveal flaws so well says something about their accuracy. Unfortunately there seem to be more bad recordings than good ones so I’m finding many of my CDs and records very difficult to listen to.  I am still experimenting with speaker placement, learning which recordings are really good and which aren’t and other tweaks.  Not totally convinced it’s love but we are at least in like and the relationship is moving in a positive direction. I’ve delayed posting anything until now because I didn’t want to share any premature conclusions.  
Kren: RE:  01-18-2020 1:03pm
" ..Dave, Does Ref5 beat Paradigm 5f and/or 7f in your experience? Can you compare and contrast them?"

KEF Reference are engineered and built to a level of sophistication the Persona's wood-screwed-in driver's can only dream.
(Seek/observe the bolted-in driver's of the KEF Reference (and current 'R' series), the enclosure's use of steel tension bars -and the sophisticated front panel baffle design.  I believe KEF offers an exploded/interior view of such design elements.)


fast: Count your blessings that you purchased a KEF 'Reference' vs. Paradigm Persona.

yyzsantabarbara1,285 posts02-12-2020 8:10pm" Anybody else wondering if KEF is going to release a newer version of the REFERENCE line or even the Blades. The REFERENCE line currently has a huge sale going on. I spoke with a dealer a few days ago about the Blade and my jaw dropped when I heard the quote for a new Blade2. I won't repeat the number here but me thinks the are clearing out the old stock for some new top end line at KEF."

santab: I've been anticipating/thinking  the same thing. The current Ref's are 6-years old now ! And not a single change (other than recent new color/finish).

New/upgraded (REF/Blase) models must surely be nearing.


Paradigm Persona are incredible speakers...Only heard KEF Reference at shows, never impressed.

Persona 5f and 9h I know very well and compared against very serious competition, and I can say with confidence that Persona speakers are among the best in their price range. 
@allhifi There are 5 Blades on sales today on A'gon, 4 of them by dealers. Dealers hardly ever sell Blades on A'gon in the past. It was mostly consumers. My money is on an new upgraded version of the Blades in the pipeline.