New Krell black finish for KAV line

Has anybody seen the new black finish for the Krell KAV line of hometheater products? I saw the pictures on their website, but the pics are pretty small. The black faces look almost charcoal grey. If anybody is at the 03 CES or have pics of them posted somewhere, please let me know! Thanks.

I saw the Showcase pre/pro processor in black. Frankly it looks just like a Marantz SR-18EX or 19.
I have a black HTS 7.1. It is indeed charcoal. I would put it like this, the Krell silver looks sleek while the black looks stealth. Can't go wrong with either. My decision was simply at the fiance's request.
I ended up with the DVD standard in silver because despite black being my fav color, I really liked the distinctive "sleek" stying offered by the silver gear. Now that I'm committed to the silver, all I have to do is add the HTS and the TAS to my DVD Standard and I'm set!