New Krell s550i Impressions?

Looking for information on this new Integrated. Performance, quality, concerns? Thank you in advance.
I had one for about an hour and the power supply went, Bought a Mac6700 instead MADE in USA not China
I am considering one of these, but would be using it to run a pair of 4-ohm KEF three-2's. Anyone have an opinion as to whether this would be too much power for these speakers? I don't play music at concert levels, but my system is in a very large room.
There is no such thing as too much power .
It is a known fact that dynamic transients in music can exceed 10 x
The rated power in milliseconds. This s why by having the extra power the extra headroom is a Big plus.
The amplifier is coasting and not having to go into distortions. I run Maggi
3.6, as well as big Revel speakers with the 550 with no problems whatsoever. in a
16x22ft room .the volume on this is a very high precision ladder type
That goes up to 150 for a lot of flexibility.
Hello audioman..may i ask a couple of questions???
I wouldnt be able to have a dedicated line with that kind of power (here a 4 kw contract would simply cost to much) do you still think its good buy compared to a mac 6600 or 7000 (basically the same sound)???

I would be able to pay te krell half the price of the mcintosh amps.

Also do you think it could be a good match for my thiel cs 1.6?

I am looking to upgrade from my electrocompaniet eci 3 integrated and i would love to keep the lovely mid range but also have more extended and crisp highs and a more controlled bass.

Thanks and sorry for the long post.