New Laws Create Second-hand Woes for CD Retailers

This has to be a bad joke:

NEW YORK (Billboard) - Independent merchants selling and buying used CDs across the United States say they are alarmed by stepped-up pawn-broker-related laws recently enacted in Florida and Utah and pending in Rhode Island and Wisconsin.

In Florida, the new legislation requires all stores buying second-hand merchandise for resale to apply for a permit and file security in the form of a $10,000 bond with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. In addition, stores would be required to thumb-print customers selling used CDs, and acquire a copy of state-issued identity documents such as a driver's license. Furthermore, stores could issue only store credit -- not cash -- in exchange for traded CDs, and would be required to hold discs for 30 days before reselling them.
In one respect it would help Police recover stolen property but to be quite honest with the way technology is going CD's will be a mute point in 10 years falling by the wayside like cassettes.
Part of me understands this movement, while many honest folks dump un-wanted music it is crackheads and the like who are stealing music from cars and homes or dealers taking disc's in trade for drugs and selling them for quick cash.....just another sign of the times.
wow, a CD as a "thumb print" level sale. What will those states do to Amazon, Audiogon, or other on-line sites?
I think someone has too much timeon their hands and is colcking tax dollar hours they should refund. imho
GON'ers this is yet, another case of screwing the consumer! I would suggest that you guys contact your local/state reps over this important matter. Yes, some people have too much time on their hands, indeed.