New lease on life for a pair of Ohm F's

I happened upon a free pair of Ohm F speakers with genuine Walsh drivers. Unfortunately, these drivers suffered from the typical surround rot which then pulled down and distirted the spider.

Ohm can not fix these, and what they offer as a replacement drive module is not a Walsh driver.

Dale Harder can do the job, but the cost is more than I can swing right now.

I remeber hearing F's oh maybe 35 years ago, and was really taken aback- pleasantly, by what I heard. Sure, 35 years of audio memory is unreliable, and maybe the F's were just much better than the EPI 100's I was used to, but somehow I still think the F's, having no crossover, have a real possibility to still be sonic gold.

Suggestions are welcome-
Tech Hifi- where I heard the F's, where the EPI's came from, and I even remember their house brand, Studio Design.
That is very cool. The Ohm F is a great speaker. Spend the money to restore it correctly. You need a very powerful amplifier for this speaker.
Well, the options are out there.

1) rebuild what you have if you can find someone to do it right for a price you can afford

2) Dale Harder rebuild or new drivers

3) OHM upgrade

If it were me, I would not dismiss the OHM upgrade option until I did an in home audition. You could have brand new well supported speakers that have more in common with the old Fs than not + are competitive with modern SOTA speaker lines, yet still totally unique.

BTW OHM was a Tech Hifi house brand. John Strohbeen, the current owner and main technical guru at OHM, used to own Tech Hifi.

I always preferred all the old OHMs sold at THF, including the conventional box designs like the L and H in particular over most other brands sold, including EPI, though EPI was probably a strong second in the pack with a few others.

My main speakers these days are a pair of OHM f5 series 3 which are recent generation OHM Walsh CLS drivers mounted on refurbed OHM F cabinets that I picked up for a fraction of retail price from OHM a few years back taking advantage of sale price for refurbed units + full trade in value for older OHMs.

I also run a smaller pair of OHM 100 series 3 drivers mounted on refurbed Walsh 2 cabinets, a pair of Dynaudio Contour 1.3mkII monitors, and a pair of small TRiangle Titus XS monitors. I also still run a refurbished pair of OHM Ls, my original first good speakers from TEch Hifi years ago that I upgraded myself with drivers and parts from OHM and elsewhere, and a really small pair of Realistic Minimus 7 speakers out on my deck during warm weather months.
Zavato - Just as a point of interest, while the current Ohms are not full-range omnis, they can be ordered configured for something close. The directional tweeter rolls in above ~7kHz, so in this respect, the current Ohm Walsh line is not fully omnidirectional. But the attenuation to the rear of the cans is accomplished with a physical damper. IIRC, John can provide drivers without this damping by special order, meaning they would be true omnis up to around 7kHz.