New Linear Parasound Halo JC1+ monoblocks, an even more improved new John Curl design

The good old linear Halo JC1’s monoblocks were released 2003 and were one of the best and could drive anything without a sweat, even the Wilson Alexia with 0.9ohm loading.
These new linear JC1+ monoblocks have some very good improvements, and even better drive ability than the old.
At $17k not exactly cheap, but probably better than any others amp around that pricing.

Cheers George

I would rather see (and hear) a new CD/SACD/Universal spinner building upon the CD-1.


Happy Listening!

Ric is spot on (as usual). A long long time ago I had Harry Pearsons personal pair of Genesis Vs. I tried a lot of amps, but the one that grabbed them by throat and made sing was Kinergetics KBA 75- class A amp, but man the electric meter spun and even in the winter it kept my house warm. Of course that was long before class D was around, let alone top flight designs. Sadly, I blew it up while swapping out power cords, so the Gen Vs went down the road. Many many speakers later, I got a pair of Emerald Physics 3.4s which are very efficient/amp friendly, and amazing. Alas, they are no longer made as they do everything very well, however hey do come up on the used market from time to time, or the 2. series which has the same 12", but augmented with either one or two 15" woofers

For around 3 years now (or is it 4?) I have owned Rics EVS 1200, dual mono (don’t know how it compares to the Hypex 1200. After a couple months with the EVS, I got a LSA 350 GaN Voyager, which I preferred as to my ears it sounded more continuous, at least until I replaced all my WW series 8 cables. Sadly, I managed to take out a GaN module and was glad I kept the EVS1200, which sounds considerably better after I replaced the WW cabling with Ali-E mostly Odin Gold cables, which I replaced one at a time (each upgrade easily improved the sound) with the speaker cables being the last, and boy, it tied everything together. Talk about saving money!



Sadly, I managed to take out a GaN module and was glad I kept the EVS1200

Just wondering if your LSA 350 was under warranty? I know you were very happy with its sound, wondering what ever happened to it?




Well, you certainly seem to be doing very well without the LSA.  You have a sweet looking set up that I bet sounds great.