New Linear Parasound Halo JC1+ monoblocks, an even more improved new John Curl design

The good old linear Halo JC1’s monoblocks were released 2003 and were one of the best and could drive anything without a sweat, even the Wilson Alexia with 0.9ohm loading.
These new linear JC1+ monoblocks have some very good improvements, and even better drive ability than the old.
At $17k not exactly cheap, but probably better than any others amp around that pricing.

Cheers George


Sadly, I managed to take out a GaN module and was glad I kept the EVS1200

Just wondering if your LSA 350 was under warranty? I know you were very happy with its sound, wondering what ever happened to it?




Well, you certainly seem to be doing very well without the LSA.  You have a sweet looking set up that I bet sounds great.


Im certainly not unhappy with the EVS 1200 (which I raved about prior to getting the Voyager), but I haven’t heard my recabled system with the Voyager to hear what, if any difference the recabling makes for it as well. wows of living on SS