New listening room electrical design

I'm moving to anew house in a few weeks, and trying to figure out the electrical design.
My current room was designed by Rives and I have numerous dedicated lines in it, so, I'm somewhat familiar with the topic.
The new system proposed outline:
New dedicated subpanel, exclusively for the audio components (main located in the garage, adjacent to the new room).
I have 2 speakers (Avantgarde) with powered subs
2 separate JL Fathom subs
2 mono block amps (lamm ML2)
and number of front end component, locate on stand, that going to be on the side wall
(Preamp, crossover, TT and CD player)
I'm thinking:
Two lines with 2 duplex receptacles each to power avant-garde and JL subs
Two lines with one duplex each for Lamm mono blocks
Here is my main question:
For the preamp, crossover, TT and digital I have the following options:
1.   One line with two duplexes for the analog stuff
       Another line for digital
       3 duplex recptacles on 2 separate lines
2. One line (or two) and one power distribution box with 3-4 duplex receptacle, connected to the wall receptacle
3. Two lines hardwired (no wall receptacle and no IEC and power cord in the Power distr. box) to power distribution box, separating analog from digital receptacles inside the box

What is a better approach for the front end components?
Multiple lines feeding one duplex each,
One line feeding multiple duplexes
One line feeding power distribution box?
I’m moving in this weekend, and not gonna know until then.
will post as soon, as I know.
in the mean time been reading on twisted L and N leads, that’s accord. To Whitlock, affords the best performance. My understanding is, that he suggests only twisting L and N, and leaving ground straight.
my question is, how you gonna do that, if all 3 are in the same jacket, as in 10/2 Romex?

my question is, how you gonna do that, if all 3 are in the same jacket, as in 10/2 Romex?

Whitlock is talking about single conductors pulled in a conduct or installed is a raceway. As I said in an earlier post twisting the hot and neutral wires together before installing them in a conduit may not meet code. Are you planning on installing conduit?

Whitlock showed the second best choice being 2 wire with ground MC armor cable followed by Romex. You can slightly twist Romex, but to much, to tight, will change the geometry of the lay of the equipment grounding conductor in relation, between, the hot and neutral conductors. Just a slight spiral twist in the entire length of the cable. Slight.....

FWIW I have to runs of 10-2 with ground NM-B, Romex, that are about 75ft each and my 2 channel system is dead quiet. Preamp and amp are tubes.

It is important to keep the individual dedicated branch circuits separated from one another as soon as possible, within reason, after they leave the electrical panel. You do not want them running parallel next to one another.

Thanks. No, I'm not planning to use conduit, just 10/2 Romex.
Thats what I have in my current room, and it is quiet
One more question.
seems everyone suggests to keep every run from subpanel to the receptacles of equal length.
im not sure I understand how it's possible with all the outlets to be a different distance from the panel?
Won't be a problem with your short lengths. Especially beings you will be using #10 wire.