New listening room electrical design

I'm moving to anew house in a few weeks, and trying to figure out the electrical design.
My current room was designed by Rives and I have numerous dedicated lines in it, so, I'm somewhat familiar with the topic.
The new system proposed outline:
New dedicated subpanel, exclusively for the audio components (main located in the garage, adjacent to the new room).
I have 2 speakers (Avantgarde) with powered subs
2 separate JL Fathom subs
2 mono block amps (lamm ML2)
and number of front end component, locate on stand, that going to be on the side wall
(Preamp, crossover, TT and CD player)
I'm thinking:
Two lines with 2 duplex receptacles each to power avant-garde and JL subs
Two lines with one duplex each for Lamm mono blocks
Here is my main question:
For the preamp, crossover, TT and digital I have the following options:
1.   One line with two duplexes for the analog stuff
       Another line for digital
       3 duplex recptacles on 2 separate lines
2. One line (or two) and one power distribution box with 3-4 duplex receptacle, connected to the wall receptacle
3. Two lines hardwired (no wall receptacle and no IEC and power cord in the Power distr. box) to power distribution box, separating analog from digital receptacles inside the box

What is a better approach for the front end components?
Multiple lines feeding one duplex each,
One line feeding multiple duplexes
One line feeding power distribution box?
An update,
I ended up tearing down all the drywall. All walls are on 2x4 studs with 5/8" SoundBreak damped drywall to be installed.
 final configuration is as follows:
100 A Square D QO subpanel, connected to the main panel by #2 wire
EP whole house surge protector, ground filter installed.
6 separate circuits with 10/2 Solid core copper Romex
(2 for mono blocks, 2 for subs, one each for analog and digital front end equipment)
I need one more circuit for A/V processor , amp and front projector, and I’m debating making it #7, coming from subpanel, or running it from the main panel???
outlets Furutech GT X Gold and NCF, with corresponding wall plates and covers.
i also bought Furutech ET-P 609 power distributor with 3 Furutech GTX- D NCF duplexes
Maril- for my own info, what led you to the Soundbreak product? (I will eventually be doing a build out too, that's why I'm asking). 
Sounds like you are well on your way.


I contracted Nyal Mellor of "Acoustic Frontiers" to design the whole room, including construction specs, electric, etc.

Initially I was thinking of installing a second layer of drywall on a top of the old one, with Green Glue in b/w the layers, but Nyal thinks, that a single layer of 5/8' damped drywall is a better option.

So, here I am, removing the old drywall.

Actually, I'm glad I did- first, after exposing the walls and the ceiling, my contractor discovered a leak from the toilet above, two disconnected air ducts and some other small problems, previously hidden under the drywall.

Also, the electrician's job of installing dedicated lines will be much easier (and cheaper), and I can better supervise it.

Maril-Thanks re the material- yes, I suspected pulling out the old drywall would make everything easier and better. Glad you did. Let us know what you think of the sound once you get it up and running.
bill hart