New Look for Audiogon hard to work with

Is there a way to undo the "tile" look? It was a lot easier to work with the text list. 
Agree, the text list was much easier to read. Can we have the old format back, please!
those sellers in the midst with their items listing for sale right now, i wonder what they have to say.. ?? 
Please restore the site to something that works. Not only is the new interface ill conceived, it just doesn't work. Someone should be fired over this debacle. Its impossible to see all the listings for any given brand. Like many, I strongly prefer the "old" list view but as a buyer and a seller, I cannot tolerate a search function that cannot search. Audiogon's response was "this is what members wanted". Really???
Echo all of the above, user experience has been significantly downgraded, the list view was much easier to scan.  It seems like the search results are incomplete and grouped incorrectly also with keyword vs. similar items result sets.
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