New Look for Audiogon hard to work with

Is there a way to undo the "tile" look? It was a lot easier to work with the text list. 

There is nothing good to be said about this latest "improvement".

I do not see one positive response addressing what the managers have done this time.

It seems as if the new viewing portals were installed to deliberately degrade the website.

So I would like to ask the powers that be, please explain to us what exactly were you attempting to do?

Hoping for a return to normal,


I have to agree. Long time A’Gon user and this UI is the worst.  I hope they’re listening?.?
It's horrible, it hasn't worked for us in quite some time. Since Arnie owned it and before the change. They also seem to favor certain people with special rates We use to be able to sell a lot of items but now the fees cost more than we make in sales. It's not worth it. We do a lot better on Ebay. I wish it would just go back to the way it was. When it worked