New LP with pops + crackle, What is expected?

I just purchased two LP's from Acoustic Sounds. A original master recording of Verse by Patricia Barber (45 rpm). The other was Big whiskey by Dave Mathews Band (33 rpm).
Well Dave Mathews is perfectly quite while the other has occasional irritating background sounds. I do not want to be a difficult customer but I am inclined to return it. Recently I had to replace Pop Pop by Rickie Lee Jones because of similar defects. What level of imperfections are we expected to except with new vinyl issues? (p.s.) the store has never given me any troubles exchanging LP's in the past and will most likely not this time.

What does everyone think?
The obvious has been stated. There is no such thing as a too clean record when using proper cleaning products.
As far as new goes, my experience has been negative. I have a hard time returning records to a indie store that can barely keep the lights on. Unplayable/defective vinyl will get returned, but pops and ticks I live with.
My last new purchase was a Simply Vinyl pressing and it flat out stunk. A friend heard it and said "it sounds like there is a blanket covering your speakers."
I buy 90%+ used overall.
I need to jump in, since the majority of my experiences have differed. I buy new lps nearly every week and rarely do I have surface noise issues. Typical purchases are of "indie" bands; most recently I purchased Dead Weather, Radiohead, and Mars Volta lps. All played beautifully, that is if you like that kind of music. In the previous weeks I purchased Joshua Redman's "Moodswing", Sinatra's "In The Wee Small Hours", Jack Johnson's "En Concert", Dylan's "Self Portrait", 2 Sufjan Stevens lps, Rosanne Cash, Nora Jones, Leonard Cohen, Pearl Jam, Willie Nelson, Califone, Betty Davis, Lisa Germano, Lucinda Williams, Fleetwood Mac Live, etc. etc. All of these have played extremely well. I have purchased some Audiophile lps in the past two years that required returns, but seldom do I buy those. Usually jazz lps are available in re-release form or can be found used. I do not hunt for collectibles. I find the later pressings more than respectable.
The whole situation just stinks. We are a bunch of middle aged guys with disposable income who are willing to pay more than the price of a CD for music in a time when kids expect that music should be free. And we have to accept noisey new records.

I set up a second TT with a specific set of carts that tend to supress surface noise to play noisey vinyl, but that will be for used vinyl. I really want to avoid new vinyl unless it is something special and I can buy at Best Buy (where they will take it back).