New Luxman 507Z Integrated coming in October.

This is the first of the new updated Luxman integrated line. Some additions a needle type red LED between the meters to show volume. This can be turned on or off. ODNF has been replaced w/the latest sound /amplification feedback system called LIFES (Luxman integrated feedback system) This is also in their new amp the M-10X which is replacing the 900U. They are also improving the phono w/a new phono equalizer for MM/MC. The headphone amplifier has also been improved. Power 110 wpc at 8 ohms and 220 wpc at 4 ohm. Price $around $6200 includes tax. My local dealer is having his annual audio show in November. Luxman is going to be there so hopefully this integrated will be displayed.

I hope you are right about the price but the 550ii is a current model priced at $6500. I would probably guess $8000- $9000 since it replaces the 507 and 590ii. 

Turns out there's a PDF you can peruse with pictures of the front panel.



I doubt it will be priced 6500$, but more 7500$ if you consider price seen in Canada (12599CAN$, TBC), and if you consider it will replace BOTH 507uxMk2 & 590axMk2

Sorry for the double post, however, according to Luxman USA, the Z series will only be available for the 507Z for the immediate future. So for the time being, the 509X is about $900 more than 507Z.