New Luxman 507Z

MusicDirect has communicated that the new Luxman 507Z will retail for $8995. The  prior model, the 507uXII was $6495. I appreciate that Covid has driven up the price of goods coming from Asia (cost of containers) and that inflation may have some impact but this is pretty steep.

Does anyone know if there are significant technical or feature improvements to justify a nearly 40% price increase?


Houps ... just got 507uxII nicely negociated .. I'll end thinking that this was cheap ..

507uxII price in France was 6K€, raised to 6.5K€ recently (last summer) due to part & shipment cost increase related to Covid.

I myself work in consumer electronics industry & we had to face 10 to 20% increase of our bill of material & shipment costs.

Seems Luxman limited the increase on 507uxII but took the opportunity of 507Z to pretend key technical changes to justify a higher price increase. This is a common way of doing.

Now I could not afford.