New Luxman 507Z

MusicDirect has communicated that the new Luxman 507Z will retail for $8995. The  prior model, the 507uXII was $6495. I appreciate that Covid has driven up the price of goods coming from Asia (cost of containers) and that inflation may have some impact but this is pretty steep.

Does anyone know if there are significant technical or feature improvements to justify a nearly 40% price increase?

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I have an L-507z.  I bought a demo unit from Japan.  I live in the US.

Luxman pricing is all over the place right now.  For example, here is the Japanese retail vs. US retail for some of their integrated amps:

- L-590AXII ¥ 638,000 $9495
- L-509x ¥ 858,000 $9995

- L-507z ¥ 693,000 $8995

- L-507uXII ¥ 528,000 $6500

I think they are in the middle of revamping their product lineup.  The pure Class A products (L-XXXAXII) are discontinued, probably due to pressure to put out more eco-friendly products.  So not totally sure the L-507z is the totem-pole equivalent of the L-507uXII

I was told by Jeff that although the L-507Z was revamped with the new feedback engine, et al, there are no immediate plans to revamp other models-however, its primarily due to the current commitment to take care of outstanding orders and service levels. I would think that it would be eventually logical to pay the upgrade forward to other models. Putting the like CL A/B, L-507Z within $1000 of the TOTL  L-509X doesn’t make much marketing sense to me.

I know that by 2025 (their 100th anniversary), they want to incorporate the new LIFES engine in all of their integrateds.  I bet the L-509z will make its appearance by then with a higher price tag to boot.

I can say that the L-507z is incredible, though.  It's my first Luxman amplifier so I can't compare to the others.  Who knows, I might've been just as happy with the L-507uXII.  

here are US/FR prices :
- 507uxmk2 : 6495$, 6500€
- 507z : 8995$, 9490€ (
As 509x is priced 9690€ in FR, hard to see what would be the interest of 507z for "only" 200€ less. 509x has stronger transformer, better finish top cover, more high end potentiometers, more inputs, .. I do not know exact other changes .. Is the new "LIVES" making 507z sounding at 509x level ??